About Nick WelchABOUT ME

I’m an Artist, Colorist, Writer, Designer, and loudmouthed storm of havoc that rains twist laden stories and stubbed toes upon the world. I’m a purveyor of Inky Black Visual Concoctions and Moody Dramatic Colors and Lighting. I’m a Lover of Creator Owned Comics, Pulp Sci-fi, Pizza, Craft Beer and Excessive Over Capitalization.


As a child growing up in rural Pennsylvania I was both excitable and creative. I had great parents, two funny brothers and a cadre of creative friends that helped fuel my over-melodramatic personality. I lived in wonder of the heroic actions of the creations that graced our boxy console television. I wore the corners off of every comic book I could find. I built a zip-line in a tree out back. I jumped my bike over ditches and gullies. I drew Ninja Turtles like it was my job. I made up stories. I met met my beautiful wife and we went on amazing adventures, not the least of which was having a creative and energetic son. And I’ve loved every minute of it.

But despite leaning into art and drawing from an early age with an almost unwavering focus on creating my own stories, I never learned to finish. And on my artistic journey, I got a little lost. I became a graphic designer. I switched jobs.  I started a business. But then about 5 years ago, I began to start putting the imaginary things in my head down on paper again. The ideas were in my veins. They were inky black; bright and enamoring. They were restless. They were alive.

Now they’re coming. They’re Unleashing Havoc. An apocalypse raining upon glinting screens and sheen pages.

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