Recommendsday – 10-05-16

Recommendsday – 10-05-16

What’s up, Legion of Havoc? Welcome to a brand new feature on the site called #Recommendsday, where I’ll be bringing you things that I’m enjoying and that give me inspiration. To kick off the series,  I’m featuring a Youtube series that’s just begun called Drawing Inspiration. It’s from Jesse Labbe and his Certifiable Studios, “A small table top game company curious about how you become a slightly less small table top game company.”

The first episode of Drawing Inspiration features Jake Parker. (One of my favorites to be sure.) Jake can be found in all kinds of videos and media across the web from both his own media channels and other countless Vlog and Podcasts. His process and thinking aren’t a mystery at this point…but I still can’t get enough of him! I especially enjoyed this episode because it features a little bit of a different view of him framed by Jesse, who’s on his own artistic journey himself.

Jesse has a Kickstarter running Right Now that closes up within the next 24 hours. So if you like the video and want to check him out more, you just might want to check out his Kickstarter for his Game Endangered Orphans as well.

Here’s some links:
Jesse Labbe

Jake Parker

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