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The Hits keep on coming! Welcome to Recommendsday! This week I’m excited to bring you a gorgeous web comic by Britt Sabo — All Night. All night is a beautifully illustrated story about a world where the world has come to a halt and day and night have become permanently transfixed. Featuring rich color work and dynamic storytelling, I can’t say enough about this one. I love hearing the stories of how artists and writers bring their creations to life. Read on and see what Britt had to say about her process and then check out All Night. I Recommendsday it!

Britt Sabo's All Night - Unleashing Havoc's Recom  Britt, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? When did you get into comics? How long have you been making them? Are you making comics and art full-time?

I wasn’t heavily into comics as a kid, but I absolutely loved the Tintin books and similar things. Those were my first real introduction to comics. As a younger teen, I finally discovered my small town’s comic store and got in to all the late 90’s staples, like Vertigo titles and Johnny The Homicidal Maniac. I was REALLY into Jhonen Vasquez’s work as a teen, and while it’s hard to see the influence of his style in my stuff now, I spent a lot of my teen years trying to draw like him.

I finally started making my own comics for the first time in college, when I made smaller zine-style books that I would photocopy on the school’s printer. I stuck to those for a while, until I decided to tackle some larger projects, like the Xeric Award book I did, ‘Francis Sharp in the Grip of the Uncanny’. I wrote and drew that book with my writer friend, Anna Bratton, and we received a 2010 Xeric Award grant to publish and print the book.

All in all, I’ve probably been drawing comics in some form or another for about a decade now, slowly moving from black and white zines to the color comics I publish online now days. It’s been quite the learning experience!

I freelance a lot, and make some of my living from comics and art. It’s a very competitive industry and it’s hard to make a living sole off comic work unless you have a large audience. In a lot of ways, I still feel like I am just breaking in to comics, even though I’ve been at it for a while.

Britt Sabo's All Night - Unleashing Havoc's RecomI’d love to know more about All Night. What are the origins of the idea and what was it about it that made you say: “This is the idea I’m going to bring to life!”

All Night started as a bunch of smaller stories and strings of ideas that I knew I would never be able to do separately, but would be more interesting as part of a larger narrative. The whole thing started as a seed of those other ideas and stories, and coalesced into something else as I reworked things. I think in general, I liked the idea of the setting and wanted to combine it with the other fantasy and magic elements of the smaller stories I was trying to rework in to this bigger story.

As time has gone, All Night and the characters/world have definitely come in to their own in my mind, and the story has changed a lot since the initial drafts of the plot. It’s still changing a bit, and since it will be a long-form story that takes a long time to finish, it might change even more! Writing is weird like that!

The spark that really drove me to put this story out there as a webcomic was the desire to see more of the kind of stories I want to see in webcomics, namely paranormal queer romances. There’s a lot of All Night that’s yet to be revealed, but I’ve always wanted to see more fantasy webcomics that focus on queer characters and narratives, while still being about magic and adventure.

Britt Sabo's All Night - Unleashing Havoc's RecomWhat’s your plans for All Night? How long do you plan for it to run? Do you have plans to produce it in print or Crowdfund a print edition?

Like I mentioned before, All Night is a long form story that will take a while to tell. Serializing it online is the best way to do these types of things, in my opinion, and in the future when there’s enough to collect in a book, I will probably do a print edition of every few chapters.

Finally, when readers sit down and read through All Night, what do you hope they’ll take away from it?

Since All Night isn’t very far in to the meat of the story yet, I hope that readers are at least intrigued by the characters and the setting, and can get a sense of the main casts’ personalities. They’ll change a lot throughout the story, and grow in a lot of ways, but I’m hoping the readers grow to care about them and the story as well.


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